Vaccine update 2/24/2021


  • We received our shipment of 2nd doses of Moderna COVID19 vaccine today. We are in the process of calling patients in the order that their vaccine was originally scheduled. If you had a 2nd dose scheduled with our clinic, you will receive a call from us with instructions on your new appt date and time for your vaccine.

  • We apologize to our patients for any inconvenience that has been associated with our delay in receiving the 2nd doses of Moderna COVID19 vaccine.  

  • There has not been any communication from ADPH on when we will receive 1st doses of vaccine. ADPH website has a link to appointments for 1st doses that will be given at the Cherokee County Rescue Squad in March/April. See the link below. 

  • We will continue to pass along information as we receive it. We feel that being informed is most important. 

  • Link to Cherokee County Health Department

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