Do you have a physician on site?

Lakeside Primary Care is a nurse practitioner owned clinic. We follow the guidelines of the Alabama Board of Nursing and Alabama Board of Medical Examiners which require a collaborative physician for medical oversight. Our collaborative physician does not plan to see patients in our clinic at this time. 


Can you write a prescription for narcotics?

No, we will not prescribe narcotics. Our nation is currently suffering an epidemic of opioid abuse and overuse. Our clinic feels strongly that we will not contribute to this epidemic. Many times there are alternatives to opioids, we will gladly discuss this with you. If you do not agree with our philosophy, we will gladly refer you to another primary care provider or to chronic pain management.  


Will you stay open late any days?

If we have the need to stay open late or open early, we will definitely consider all options. Our main goal is to do what is best for our patients.


Will you see someone who does not have insurance?

Yes, we have a cash price list for office visits and also a cash price on labwork. We can provide a cash price for any imaging that we recommend as well. 


You don't accept my insurance, what should I do?

Ask us to confirm that we do not accept your insurance. Often, it is due to the fact that an insurance company is not accepting new providers in our area. If we have not contacted your insurance company to set up an account, we will gladly request a contract with your provider.