Before your office visit

You will receive a phone call 1-3 days prior to your appointment to determine if you need a well visit during the morning or if you need a sick visit during the afternoon. If you prefer a telehealth visit, that can also be arranged. If you are 60 years old or older with chronic medical conditions, a telehealth visit is preferred at this time. 

All well visits will be scheduled as a morning appointment. All sick visits will be scheduled as an afternoon appointment. This is to separate well and sick patients. We are following state guidelines that are changing frequently.

The day of your office visit

When you arrive for your appointment, please stay in your car and call 256-266-1544. The receptionist will give you further instructions. All patients will wait in the car until an exam room is available. If necessary a caregiver or parent may come in for the visit along with the patient. All staff will wear gloves, masks and gowns for all patients whether they are sick or well. We are striving to decrease any unnecessary contact with persons that are ill.  Exam rooms are cleaned between patients and the office is deep cleaned daily after the last patient.  

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